Monday, September 21, 2009

NIght at the tiger's kingdom

I am a real novice in writing a journey story. Here is a sample as follows:

That was late February. There was still touch of winter in the weather. BDR rebellion in Dhaka made us become confused to go to the trip. But in spite of every barrier finally we managed to go because of initiative of senior guys in our office. We started off from Sukrabad at 10.00 PM. The bus was on the way to Khulna. But my mind went to last time trip at Sunderban two years ago. The bus journey time almost finished feeling nostalgia of the last trip.

Then the launch journey came. We sat in the launch according to our desire. Old memories came to my mind frequently as the launch moved on. Even the noises from my colleagues didn't touch myself. I thought of watching tiger two years ago last trip.

That time I with one of my friends felt to watch the tiger but finally came to us as a hallucination later. That roar might be thunder of clouds. We swam in a pond which was the source of water to drink for the tiger (didn’t get any proof).”Amit, it’s time to lunch”- I came to realty hearing these words from one of my colleague. The climate of the sunderban was really different. Time was passed so quickly………..

After lunch, I with my colleagues played cards (I am renowned as a novice player in my friend circle :) ). The launch stopped a number of times because of permission of forest office which really annoyed me that time. The trip was going to be too lengthy.

The noon came but still didn’t get light in kochikhali. I was watching sky laying the deck of the launch. The moon, stars seemed to be more closer like Vashani Nobo theatre. I was bathing with the light of the moon. I felt myself as a intruder between these two mammoth giants (sky, sea). But the prosaic rain hampered my enjoyment. I had to go inside the launch. But still didn’t know that time what kind of experience I was facing near future.

But darkness came so quickly that as if Hekate (triple-faced goddess of darkness from a pre-Greek stratum of mythology) swallowed the noon and the stars. Everything seemed to be mirage. The launch was wondering b’cause of roar of Amphitrite. It was a really tough to maintain the launch for the sailor. Most of the persons prayed the omnipotent one to rescue from this danger.But brutality of nature did not make us stop from its wicked ideas. We switched off the search light a couple of times. Finally, we managed to reach our destination point “Tiger Point”.

A mixed impression came at the first step of “Tiger Point”. The time can be easily shifted to a couple of thousand years if no modern dresses and launch existed. We were instructed to step forward and go to an old cottage. Wasting no more time I was proceeding through the cottage alone. Passing a bridge when I was about to go inside main gate of the cottage, someone shouted,” Do not walk alone.” A cool feeling passed through my heart.

The guide told us that a tiger’s cub had been killed a number of days before. That’s why a tigress was too vindictive and always wandered through this region. I was bound to agree his words for that circumstance. In the mean time, the rest of my colleagues came and we all entered into the cottage.After dinner and “Adda”, all of us went to their individual room. I was laying but couldn’t sleep. Why we slept where our purpose was traveling? My adventurous entity became stronger. I with that colleague left the room around 3.00 AM in that cold night. A pin drop silent was around there. We were taking down steps of the cottage. Our guide told us not to cross the main gate. But who’s care!!!!! We were stepping forward to the main gate. Every moment felt like a year. Both of us were sweating at that cool weather. Today we may success and remove failure of my last trip one. That day, hallucination might be today’s reality. Finally we went outside the main gate after a lot of anxiety. But the feelings remained bitter after a couple of steps. But curiosity was going to be fear for the movement of a number of bushes

We returned back. That time we talked to the night guys and heard a number of interesting stories. They told us not to move at the late night without a stick. They also shared us the stories about tiger related to the cottage. A tiger came to 2nd floor and took a guy around 16 years ago. I was really frightened to hear this story. May be we were no more if we were not lucky enough.

Next day we left tiger point and went a number of spots in Sunderban. But still I never forget that night experience.


Shimul said...

Baah, valoi to likhesen dada, chaliye jaan :).

AMIT said...

thank u,Shimul da...
1 yr pore likhlam...

Alor Chhota said...

ভুলগুলো চোখে লাগে!

Swakkhar Shatabda said...

ashis baje lok, utsaho dey na

Anonymous said...

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